A certified pre-listing home inspection alerts you to any issues of possible concern that could prevent your contract from closing. Pre-listing inspections keep you in control by helping you set a realistic listing price and giving you the option of making some repairs before you put your home on the market.


It is understandable that you have developed an emotional attachment to your home. Dealing with critical buyers can be difficult. To obtain top dollar, you need to view your home sale as a business decision. The pre-listing inspection provides you with an objective, honest analysis of the major systems and components of your home.

  • Buyers can’t blindside you with issues that were previously unknown to you. You can fix all minor issues to enhance your homes appeal to potential homebuyers.

  • You can provide a copy of the report to potential buyers to show you are completely upfront about the condition.

  • You are prepared to respond to any issues found by the homebuyer’s inspection. Since a thorough inspection has already been completed, your list price has already been adjusted by you accordingly.

  • A contract is less likely to fall apart because you already know what types of financing your home qualifies for and the buyer is well informed of the home’s condition when placing their offer.

Benefits for Sellers

Many buyers are apprehensive of sellers and feel they are trying to hide problems with the property. Pre-listing inspections demonstrate that you are upfront about the property condition, allowing potential buyers to feel more comfortable presenting an offer.

After you have reached an agreement with a buyer, there is less chance the buyer’s agent will come back to you saying their client wants out of the contract or wants to negotiate a lower price. You already know what to expect from the buyer’s home inspection (if they choose to have one) so there should be no surprises.


Pre-listing inspections can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you. If there are any repairs needed, you can choose the contractor who will perform the work. Some types of financing require the home be at a certain level of condition.

You can consult with your real estate agent about how ensuring your home is in a condition that makes it available to the most potential buyers, regardless of what type of financing they may be planning to use. With a pre-listing inspection from CoPro Home Inspection, you can better predict how much money you will net from selling your home by having a more accurate idea of your financial expenditures and the final sales price prior to placing your property on the market.