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5 Essential Steps to Buying an Accessible Home

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

People search for accessible homes for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you’ve begun using mobility aids in retirement and find it difficult to maneuver around your current home. Maybe you have a disability, or you recently had a child who will need accessibility features in the future. You may worry that it will be impossible to find the right property for your family, but an accessible home is well within your reach. Here’s how to secure a mortgage, determine which homes are worth touring, and find professionals who will help turn your new house into a home that meets your needs.

Research Financing Options

People searching for accessible homes have numerous financing options, so it’s important to thoroughly research all of the possibilities before making an offer on a house. For example, you might qualify for the Homeownership Voucher Program through the Department of Housing and Urban Development or a grant from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. Furthermore, you can contact organizations like Habitat for Humanity, which constructs homes for low-income buyers in exchange for “sweat equity.”

Work With a Real Estate Agent

You may be eager to start looking at homes, but before you begin, you should reach out to a qualified real estate agent who can support you throughout the house hunting process. They can provide you with expert advice on your local real estate market, help you locate homes that could be modified for accessibility, and assist you in your communications with home sellers. When you’re specifically seeking out homes with accessibility in mind, you’ll benefit from having an experienced team of agents on your side.

Explore Your Local Market

Create a list of features that you will require in your new home, and then begin conducting some market research. You’ll want to get a general idea of how much a home that suits your requirements will cost. You may not find properties that check all of your boxes, but if you come across easily modifiable homes with most of the features you need, you’ll be able to outline a budget that accounts for your down payment, closing costs, and renovations. Keep in mind that in the Greenwood Village area, homes tend to stay on the market for around 10 days before they go pending — so you may want to act quickly when you see a house you like.

Attend Open Houses

It’s time to start viewing properties in person! Try to narrow down your list to modern, single-story homes that are close to your loved ones, businesses you frequent, and the offices of your healthcare providers. Remember, your safety and convenience are key!

At open houses, Forbes recommends asking a number of questions. For instance, you might want to find out whether the house has received any offers yet, what utilities typically cost, and what year the home was built. If you choose to schedule a private viewing, let the seller or agent know about any accommodations you will need in advance.

Hire a Home Inspector and Contractors

Found a house you like? Before closing, make sure you schedule a home inspection so that you’ll know ahead of time if any major work needs to be done. A professional company like CoPro Home Inspection will ensure that the home is thoroughly inspected for safety, from top to bottom.

Chances are, you won’t be able to put an offer on a home that was specifically designed for accessibility. Instead, you’ll have to hire a few contractors to install the fixtures you need. For instance, you might need grab bars in your bathroom, height-adjustable countertops in your kitchen, or hardwood flooring in your bedroom. To find reliable contractors, The Spruce recommends contacting ten to twelve companies and meeting your favorite candidates in person to see who would be the best fit for the project.

Yes, searching for an accessible home does come with challenges. You’ll likely have to be patient as you wait for the right property to come onto the market. But don’t get discouraged – with the support of professionals, including CoPro Home Inspection, you’ll be able to place an offer on a home where you can live comfortably!

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